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Support Groups

You are not alone. 

Our meetings are designed to serve families who have been affected by a loved one’s substance use disorder.

Through Community, Education and Sharing, our groups provide support, encouragement and resources for families dealing with a loved one’s addiction.

You are not alone. You are welcome here. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we are here to love you through this journey and to remind you there is always HOPE.

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Find a meeting

Our program focus

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Parent Testimonial

"I am grateful for the Mom of an Addict group and the many resources it offers!


Dealing with my adult child's addiction has been the biggest challenge of my life. When I first heard of this group and started attending about a year ago, I was at a very low point and didn't know what to do.


At each meeting, information is presented that increases my understanding of addiction and reminds me that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE! I also have learned so much from guest speakers who provide very different perspectives: doctors and counselors, a judge, the police, parents, siblings, and individuals in recovery.

Individual group members provide non-judgmental love and support that has helped me survive some very dark days and encourages me to recognize and celebrate the good days.


Over the last year, I have learned to focus on my own recovery. I now realize that I can encourage my child's recovery without trying to control it or being responsible for it.


I am not always successful, but I am not the same person that I was a year ago. The path is still difficult, but knowing that I am not alone and being with parents who have experienced and survived similar challenges gives me great comfort, courage and hope."


- C.

Parent & support group attendee

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