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Rockstar of the Year Awards




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Meet The Winners!

Recovery Rockstar of the Year: 
Sarah Mungovan & Tommy Streeter

This is a person living a life in recovery who goes above and beyond on a regular basis to encourage and empower others to do the same.

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Recovery Peer Rockstar of the Year:
Rachael Foos

This is a person with lived experience who now holds the credential of CARC I or II, CPSP or CHW/CRS and either works or volunteers in a peer capacity to help remove
barriers that hinder people from seeking treatment and to support others on their recovery journey.

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Recovery Professional Rockstar of the Year: 
Dr. Kowaleski

This is a person who is employed in the counseling, legal, social work or nursing fields OR as a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist who has developed or
improved programs centered around mental health and/or substance use, has an exceptional approach to treating patients that could serve as a model for others or in a professional capacity has been a loud voice for ending the stigma associated with mental health and substance use.

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Recovery Ally Rockstar of the Year: Michael Baer

This is a person who does not have personal lived experience but is passionately devoted to being an advocate and ally for those who have or had lived experience, along with their families, through vocation or volunteering.

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